Slimming has become more than a goal, it is a lifestyle. Every day, people are becoming more aware of their bodies by becoming more active and eating properly. Because of physical stresses on the body, more and more people are taking slimming tablets, creams, and food-based slimming products to achieve their goals. Most of the time these involve side effects and adverse reactions.
By using Panties and Belts made with BornWith Technology®, non-irritating, toxic-free actives are constantly being released to the skin. These slimming products use caffeine as an active to supply your skin with fat metabolizing properties. As a result, you will lose inches around your waist in a matter of weeks. You will be slimming every time you are moving or when you work!

Other Cosmetic applications

A wide-range of medical devices applying the BornWith Technology® can be developped with selected molecules for new innovative active releasing devices.
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